poems for clicking

welcome to this website, here's a guide and an index that I hope is helpful


perspectives on café culture

some takes on their lady of walsingham

an apartment building on a day in july

being in the room


four monologues about margarine

a submission for the sky is falling festival


two rivers and the space between them told through objects

thoughts about breakfast

this is an essay on the work of web artist Millie Niss

this is a grocery run to different web sites, in search of things to make poetry out of

awaiting a take-away order at Outback Steakhouse

lyrics about astronomy, ink, and things

some more cubes about monkeys, museums, and other stuff

happy hour: it's about conversations, plants, and the nineteen-sixties

sketches on a sunday school teacher inspired by a big brick presbyterian church i saw and the people i imagined must have chilled there in the olden days

thinking of rain and fire, as well as mountains, football, and cars

new year's, snow days, hanging out in the wintertime

oh, deer it's a pun and also an overpopulation problem on the east coast

this is a bit on the nose about what's in your pocket


a story about a babysitter named angelina, and some kids she took care of

the juul, and what it means to me

thorns and foam, beverages and the bottles that hold them

this is wordway #28, it has king arthur, trees, and combing hair in it, and i had difficulty finding a title and thought just having a number seemed cool

altitudes, flowers, and mountains -- the usual sort of stuff

some great obscuring, ducks, and trains

the peaks of the pacific northwest and the fourth of july

romantic comedies and public transit, dogs

this is a piece that looks at all the things happening in southeast portland on a given summer afternoon

june bugs, seen while sitting on front lawns in the summertime

ten cubes, called so because they have six pieces, like a cube does, and are alright from whichever angle you look at them

honestly can't tell what this one was supposed to be, but there's a neon sign in it

here are one dozen sonnets about cold weather, musical instruments, carnivorous plants, and other things also

the "academy", written like marianne moore might write it

after watching senator elizabeth warren talk on cnn about sense and cents i decided to sign up for her e-mail list, and now she is always hitting me up for money

some cubes about several things in the world that i find confusing, such as animals and social media

the cherry trees which are in season, and currently blooming in a way that everyone appreciates

my tutu, her house in hawai'i, and the paintings she used to make

some zodiac pieces concerning certain arrangements of stars which undoubtedly determine human behavior


one dozen sonnets about clothes, goldfish, flowers, punctuation, airplanes, and other things also

the chesapeake bay, a body of water somewhere between saline and fresh, located somewhere between maryland and virginia

a night at the jefferson memorial with my friend who believes in ghosts

examining bob dylan's claim that "even the president of the united states sometimes must have to stand naked"

napoleon bonaparte, my mother, good taste, and roses

small talk, tiny insects, big worries, and breakfast foods

happening upon pictures of old friends on instagram, ponies, and nina simone's cover of "i shall be released"

the plants, problems, and people of virginia

blackbirds specifically but birds in general, my childhood, and climate change

bein' green, not really about kermit but maybe pertaining to him in a tangential way

a group of linked pieces about many things, mostly birds and growing older, also about bodies of water, which is titled ceilings instead of skies