Hi! My name is Jacob and I love designing websites.

About two years ago, my friend Aidan Walker approached me about designing a site for a collection of "linked poems,"
in which the visitor could click on thematic words and load other poems that shared that theme

Together we built Ceilings Instead of Skies, and over time adjusted it and added little features

Since then, Aidan has crafted quite a few different collections of poems, that we now call "wordways"
Each wordway is different from the last, not only in subject matter but also in poem form and how they link together

The home page now has many "gateways," or introductory poems that you can click on to enter a wordway
Here's what a recent one looks like, entitled perspectives: (now happy hour)

several perspectives on conversations, plants, and the nineteen-sixties

Aidan's continued creativity has made this project a joy to work on.
The code that powers these wordways has slowly gained complexity to allow for different behaviors

Our latest project, on a bus riding through tillamook, allows you to choose the pronouns of the characters as you read it:

observations on a bus riding through tillamook

if you'd like, check out our other wordway projects:
visit wordways.us

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